Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set Review

Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set Review

For a simple home kitchen, the Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set is a perfect addition or even for those who are starting up a new kitchen. This simple set features a very safe nonstick interior design that ensures less or no greenhouse gases are emitted.

Protecting your family’s health while still enjoying an ideal ease of cooking and simple cleaning makes this cookware set one of the best you can ever have. To add on its ease of maintenance, the set comes in pieces that are dishwasher safe.

Even though the lids are not see-through, the stainless steel material ensures they seal in nutrients and contain heat for fast cooking and more nutritious dishes.

Features of the Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware

Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookwareis a one of the best in our Cookware List.

Stay-Cool Handles

Everware 7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set ReviewHandles that heat up quickly as you cook can lead to accidents and burns, which in return make cooking hazardous. The engineers behind the construction of this aluminum cookware set ensured that the handles are designed to stay cool throughout your cooking session for more comfort.

PFOA-Free Nonstick Set

The interior of the pots and pans in this set have been made with non-toxic nonstick material to ensure they are safe for use, and reduce the chances of exposing your family to lethal greenhouse gases. Unlike other nonstick cookware sets that feature harmful Teflon construction of the interior, this one ensures safe and healthier food preparations.

Stainless Steel Lids

The lids are included to ensure the heat is contained inside the pots and pans as you cook, which saves a lot of energy while at the same time sealing in more nutrients, flavors and vitamins in the food being cooked.

Dishwasher Safe

Like I mentioned earlier, this cookware set saves you from stressful hand washing of piece by piece. It comes with pots, pans and lids that fit in and are safe to clean in a dishwasher, which explains why they are easier to maintain, and keep as clean as new for a very long time.

Cookware Set Includes 7 Pieces

The seven pieces includes a Dutch oven with lid, two saucepans with lids and a 10 inch fry pan. For a home chef with several recipes in mind, this cookware set will never let you down at any level. The pieces can prepare wide variety of dishes adequately.

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  • The 7-piece kitchenware is relatively affordable
  • It comes for the right budget, making it ideal for kitchen start ups
  • It is an adequate addition to any home kitchen
  • This nonstick cookware set is safer than the ones made from Teflon
  • This 7-piece cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • This is made from China, which seems to discourage a
  • lot of buyers. Though the set is perfect

 Features at a Glance 

  • PFOA free nonstick
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Is the Everware 7-piece Aluminum Cookware dishwasher safe?

A: Yes it is. I use the dishwasher every time I need to do the washing and I have not experienced any problems.

Q: Does it have a warranty from the manufacturer?

A: This is a product that provides you with great services; it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Q: What does the 7 piece set include?

A: The set includes 9.5 quart covered saucepan, 2 quart covered saucepan and a 5 quart covered Dutch oven.

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Final Verdict

There are a lot of things you need to consider when purchasing a cookware set, the most common being your budget. That is why this 7-piece aluminum cookware set is ideal for kitchen startups as well as an addition to your current limited set.

This Everware cookware set combines safety, durability and affordability, making it the best choice for family kitchens.


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